Become a NNAS Provider

Please note that the NNAS Tutor Award is required to be undertaken by ALL Course Directors by the end of June 2019.  If you are registering as a new Provider you need to be aware of this requirement and ensure all your Course Directors complete this before the deadline.

Registering to become a provider of NNAS courses is straightforward.

Please contact the NNAS office if you have questions that aren’t answered below.

Operation of the Scheme

NNAS courses are run by registered organisations and centres (known as Providers) to which candidates apply individually or as a group.

Who can become an NNAS Provider?

NNAS Provider accreditation depends upon the qualifications of their Staff members (known as Course Directors) delivering the courses and involves the submission of qualifications to the NNAS committee for approval.

Who can deliver NNAS courses?

Course Directors for training and assessment should hold a National Governing Body Award qualification.

These include, but are not limited to : Basic Expedition Leader (level 3), Hill & Moorland Leader Award (previously Walking Group Leader Award), Summer Mountain Leader Award or British Orienteering Coaching Awards. The level of qualification required will depend upon the course levels wishing to be delivered.

Qualifications issued by other bodies must be approved by the NNAS co-ordinating committee.

For an overview of of the requirements at each level, see the NNAS Course Criteria Overview.

What happens when I become an NNAS Provider?

Following successful accreditation and payment of the annual registration fee, Providers will receive their annual registration certificate, the NNAS Outdoor Navigation Handbook for Tutors and further information on operating the scheme.

Providers have access to the website to promote their NNAS courses, Provider resources and support and access to NNAS workshops.

To help keep up to date with navigation training and the NNAS scheme, Providers are encouraged to take part in regional workshops provided by the NNAS.

NNAS certificates are produced for all successful candidates.  Please contact the NNAS National Office for details of course costs that are charged to the Providers.  Badges may be purchased by registered course providers on request from the NNAS Office.

Can any Provider deliver the Gold Award?

The NNAS Gold Award is considered to be at the same technical level as that required for personal navigation for the Mountain Leader or Walking Group Leader Award. The NNAS committee have drawn up the requirements for those Course Directors wishing to assess at NNAS Gold level. Please contact the office for more advice.

Can I use the NNAS as a benchmark?

Organisations and Centres who use the NNAS as a benchmark for the navigational competence of their leaders must have further mechanisms for assessing relevant leadership qualities. The NNAS awards are for personal performance only and must not be used as a leadership qualification of any kind.

For example after discussion, Sports Leaders UK now use the NNAS Silver award as part of their Basic Expedition Leader (Level 3) Scheme.

What resources are available for the delivery of the schemes?

The NNAS has the NNAS Tutor Handbook “Outdoor Navigation – Handbook for Tutors”, one copy free to all those registering. The Outdoor Discovery Award has a handbook with additional resources under development.

There are regional training and sharing good practice workshops each year organised specially for Providers. The workshops cover the various aspects of the NNAS syllabus, teaching methods, new developments, etc.

There is a moderation scheme partly in place and partly being developed to help ensure a national standard for each level of the NNAS.

For both schemes there are a wide variety of navigation teaching books available, listed under resources in the relevant pages of this website.

Advertising of the schemes on Provider’s websites:

The NNAS logo may be used by registered Providers on their websites. Please contact the office for conditions of use and digital version of logo.

NNAS will occasionally check a random selection of Provider’s websites in order to ensure the correct levels of NNAS courses are being advertised. Providers who fail to renew their membership must remove all mention and branding of the NNAS immediately.


The NNAS does not provide insurance. It is Providers’ responsibility to ensure they have appropriate insurance.