Navigator Award Application Formation Form

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The NNAS uses an online database, developed and provided by TahDah Verified Ltd (TVL), to manage its courses. All registered NNAS course Providers will have their details added to this online database.

Do you wish your contact details to be publicly available on the NNAS website and on the NNAS online Candidate Management System.


The NNAS does not provide insurance. It is provider’s responsibility to ensure they have appropriate insurance.

Please email your Public Liability cover sheet to separately. It is your responsibility to ensure that this cover is kept up to date.

We cannot process your registration until we receive this.


Instructor List. One per line please. Please add their name and and qualifications relevant to teaching NNAS OR their Mountain Training ID Number

and finally!

  • An invoice for the £75 registration fee will be emailed to you, including BACS details for payment. Once payment is made your registration pack will be prepared and posted. If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make it payable to NNAS. Registrations are valid for a full year from date of initial registration. Re-registration is due annually.
  • Your registration pack will include a copy of the Outdoor Navigation Handbook for NNAS tutors.
  • By registering you agree to have your courses moderated by the NNAS.

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