Become an ODA Accredited Provider

The ODA award can be delivered by any competent adult aged over 18 years.  To register as an accredited ODA Course Provider:

  • You must read and agree to the Provider Terms
  • You must have the information below before you fill in the Registration Form
  • You will need to supply your registration number for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) data protection register (unless exempt, please check this on the ICO’s website here )
  • You will need to supply evidence of current Public Liability Insurance – email this to
  • Once the required information is submitted, we will email an invoice for the registration fee. Currently, this fee is £42 (includes a £15 set up fee) plus the cost of the new ODA handbook at £15.  
  • If you wish to be registered for both the Navigator and ODA schemes, the combined cost is £111 (includes a £15 set up fee) plus the cost of the Navigator and ODA handbooks at £17.50 & £15 respectively.
  • Registration renewal is required annually. In addition, all group leaders operating under an Accredited Course Provider will need to undertake the NNAS Tutor Award within three years of the Provider’s first registration with NNAS.
  • For non-UK based organisations wishing to register, please contact the NNAS office in the first instance.
  • You must have all necessary appropriate consents and notices in place to enable lawful transfer of the personal data to NNAS for the duration and purposes of this registration.
  • You must have written terms of business in place, including Safeguarding and Equal Opportunity Policies, so that you are in control of liability limits, delivery, and other expectations of your Candidates. You do not need to send these with your application, however NNAS may request to see them.
  • Once you have the above requirements you may fill in the online Registration form

Please note: If the required documentation is not supplied within one month of submitting the registration form the application will be voided.

Below are some of the stand-out changes or actions that aspiring Providers must be aware of. However, it is very important to take the time to read through the complete Terms, as this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Candidate Information Notice: NNAS will issue a personalised Candidate Information Notice to each registered Provider. Providers are responsible for giving this to their candidates. The Notice gives information about NNAS being a data processor and processing activities. The Notice means that Providers do not have to amend their own Privacy Notice to include NNAS processing info.

  • Organisations and Sole Traders must register with the ICO as data controller (clause 11.3, 11.4 Provider Terms). Registering with the ICO is simple to do. Further information and application can be done via the ICO’s website

    By law, Providers need to register because as you collect data from your customers, suppliers, and employees (if any), you are a data controller.
    This data is collected and processed for various purposes:

    i. Customers – to fulfil the contract/ bill them / communicate with them etc. ii. Suppliers – to fulfil the contract

    iii. Employees – to fulfil the contract iv. Other – marketing activities.

  • Where the Candidate is under 18 years, a parent / guardian’s email must be collected by the Provider. The Provider must send the parent / guardian the Privacy Notice (stand-alone Privacy Notice is on our website, which contains the information about the processing of data, and copy them into any further correspondence.

  • Providers often need to collect some medical information from their candidates. For this, you will need to manage consent requirements of the data protection legislation. You may already do this, but it would be best to check.

  • Provider must have all necessary appropriate consents and notices in place to enable lawful transfer of the personal data to NNAS for the duration and purposes of this agreement (clause 11.4). You may already have these, but it would be best to check.

  • Providers must have written terms of business in place, including a Safeguarding policy and an Equal Opportunity policy, so that they are in control of liability limits, delivery and other expectations of the Candidate (see Candidate Policy). You may already have this, but it would be best to check.

How to order ODA certificates

To obtain ODA certificates and badges please fill in the online order form.   Certificates cost £1.95 and badges are also £1.95.

Certain anonymous data is required to be given to NNAS about ODA participants and courses:

  • Age range, gender and ethnicity of participants
  • The ratio of participants to group leaders
  • County course delivery took place

This information will be kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Certificates will be supplied blank for providers to complete.

The NNAS does not provide insurance. It is the Providers’ responsibility to ensure they have appropriate insurance cover.