Gold Navigation

Improve your Navigation

If you’re a confident map reader but want to extend your skills to include compass work and simple contour interpretation, then the Silver Navigator Award is for you.

Building on the skills taught on a Bronze award course, the Silver introduces you to more advanced compass skills, like taking bearings from a map and following those bearings to find features in open country. You’ll begin to use smaller landscape features to keep a check on your location.

Silver courses are run across the country by experienced tutors who can help you develop confidence in using a compass.

Want to go further?

The Gold Navigator Award will extend your navigation beyond most outdoor enthusiasts.  You’ll have the skills of Bronze and Silver under your belt already and be a good navigator.  The Gold award uses open country and intricate mountainous country to teach you to use subtle contour features and constant map contact to navigate by.

Gold Awards can’t be taught by anyone.  Gold tutors are extremely experienced in the outdoors, navigation and teaching it.  Achieving a Gold Award is hard work but immensely satisfying.

What Next?

Click on the button below to find a course and tutor you like, book and look forward to really improving your navigation skills.

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