Tutor Use Guidance



1. At the board meeting of 03/06/16, it was decided that the teaching navigation course written by N Williams supported by D Riley, J Woodhouse, P Mee and others should be named the NNAS Tutors course.

2. This course was designed to teach those who teach how to teach navigation. It is not designed solely as a vehicle of teaching or assessment of personal navigation competence.

3. It was recognised at the same board meeting that holding aanMTUK qualification does not necessarily indicate competence in teaching navigation as this is neither taught nor assessed at most levels of MTUK award.

Guidance for Providers:

3. All NNAS course directors will be required to complete the NNAS Tutors course within three years. This course will be made available at the AGM and at regional workshops.

4. Individuals/ Centres/ Organisations/ Schools etc. wishing to become Providers will still need to apply in the usual manner and must have at least one member of staff who will hold one of the relevant qualifications accepted by the NNAS to become a course director (see the NNAS Course Criteria Overview document), but will be able to employ those who have completed the NNAS Tutors course only. This will apply to the Bronze award initially.

5. It is the Course director’s responsibility to manage the course, tutors and clients safely and within the restrictions of the law, best practice and NNAS Provider Code of Conduct.

6. Providers who wish to use NNAS Tutors to assist in course delivery are responsible for sourcing and presenting a relevant CV about the NNAS tutor to the NNAS office at Stirling. A register of those authorised NNAS Tutors will be held at Stirling.

Guidance for Tutors:

7. After successfully completing an NNAS Tutors course you will be qualified to assist a registered provider in the delivery of the Bronze award. Before working for a provider you will be asked to present a CV showing relevant experience to the provider who will send it to the NNAS office at Stirling.

8. The list of approved NNAS Tutors will be held by the NNAS office and will be the definitive list.

Accreditation to be an NNAS Tutor Course Director:

9. A list of accredited Tutor Course Directors is held at Stirling. You should check before you attend a course that the individual is qualified and authorised through the NNAS to deliver the NNAS Tutor Course.

10. The qualifications and experience to become an NNAS Tutor Course Director will most likely to be made up of some if not all of the following:

  • Higher level MTUK/ award MIA/ MIC/ UIAGM
  • Higher level BOF coaching award
  • Higher level BCU coaching award
  • Higher level British Cycling coaching award
  • Higher level coaching climbing award
  • Course Director MTUK/ BCU/ BASI/ British cycling awards
  • Established NNAS Provider up to Gold level
  • Existing NNAS moderator

11.  James Woodhouse as the Technical Advisor has the final say in matters of tutor registration and completion. Any issue not successfully ratified by him may be referred to the board whose decision is final.

James Woodhouse
Technical Advisor
NNAS 27/06/16