NNAS/JustGo Support

The NNAS and JustGo, our new Candidate Management System provider, has produced extensive documentation to help you get up to speed with the new CMS.  

We advise that you read these carefully and have them handy when you begin using JustGo.  On 26th January, NNAS emailed all Provider admins the first Guide to get Providers set up on JustGo.  You must complete the JustGo Lite Sign Up Guide before using the guides below.  If you are the Admin for a Provider and have not received the JustGo Lite Set Up Guide, please check your spam folder, and get in touch with NNAS if you still do not have it. 

Jane and Caroline will be on hand, as ever, during office hours to help.

(1) JustGo Lite Sign Up – emailed directly to Provider Admins. Must be completed before moving on to guide (2) below

(2) JustGo Payment Set Up – for Provider Admins.  Complete before moving on to guides below

Roles on JustGo – for Provider Admins

Course Director set up  – flowchart to guide course directors to complete their set up

Email management User Guide – for use by Provider Admins, or “how to personalise the emails”

Email User Guide – for Provider Admins, or “how to use email on JustGo”!

Field Management User Guide – for use by Provider Admins to personalise event tickets, e.g. add specific questions of bookers (optional)

Event Management User Guide for Provider Admins and Course Directors

How to receive or add bookings for Provider Admins and Course Directors

How to submit a course for NNAS approval for Provider Admins and Course Directors

Guide for corporate providers e.g. cadet groups, schools and other Providers that only run private courses.  Takes you through creating a course, adding candidates, payment and course report.

CMS support videos

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